Bad college advice is everywhere. Here’s some good advice:

You are more than a brand.


Yes, even while the world says otherwise. Today’s social media environment has turned teens into brand managers, responsible for constructing an image for the world to see, like, and share. Selecting a school has never felt more daunting; choosing the right brand, never more important. But you are more than the letters on a sweatshirt or colors in a crest. You are an individual. Your gifts, interests, learning styles, and ambitions deserve careful consideration. That's what we're here for to partner with you to find a college that will support the vision you have for your life.

Our book and course will empower you to:

1. Articulate what is special about you
2. Understand what college can – and can't – do for you
3. Formulate a thoughtful and actionable college selection process

Our goal is to help you create a college search strategy that makes sense for who you are, not who you think a college wants you to be. Ready to reclaim your college search?